RELAY, September 8- October 18 2010- Klowden Mann

 In the RELAY series I investigate the relationship of the figure, in and out of context.  Working within the two cities, Los Angeles and Tokyo, I placed myself with these urban environments, studying chance moments of figure and public space.  The paintings explore the micro migrations of daily passage; the crosswalks, subways and concrete paths that organize our global understanding of "city."  Studying how unconscious relationship happens.  Relay is a study of the way in which public space claims, rejects and endures the ever-changing configurations of bodies in transit.  I wanted to paint what is shared and distinct between these two cities.  How culture influences our connection and sense of being alone.  Ultimately, my study is a universal question of awareness: How and when are we conscious of one another, and when does a space assume presence for us?   Much of this work began with photographs that stirred some sense about mobility, relationship and identity.  As a recent migrator to Los Angeles, these painting served as a trail marker of sorts, organizing my own paradoxical sense of connection and isolation.