edge, February 11- March 24 2012 Klowden Mann 

edge presents us with an exploration of the historical legacies of Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny in America, and the activation of those legacies in our contemporary historical moment. Farr’s practice has been focused for some time around questions of migration—specifically, the movement and interactions of people across daily communal space. In this new series, she has taken her previous concentration on the micro migrations of daily life and pulled back into an expansive view of historical patterns of migration occurring on a societal scale, specifically the cultural mythology of white/Western privilege that informs the hegemonic Western relationship to immense, ‘unoccupied’ space (often space occupied by an ‘other’), and that space’s ideological and physical colonization. The pieces in the show are animated by four core themes in the mythology of Manifest Destiny as Farr interprets it: human encounters with vast unknown space, the dualism of light vs. dark, the mythology of the end of time, and the idea of being Chosen