Lineage is a body of work that evolved from the study of American photography from the late 1800s.  Collaged paper and paint works explore the mythic and ideological gestures of the Industrial Revolution and the white western hegemony as it traversed West.

 The world that inspired these works does not exist anymore.  A world constructed from violently forging feebly trenched paths leading towards first contact with vast continental forests and vibrant indigenous communities.  These paintings reflect a mythological footprint on the way to our modern state of being.  The nature of collage is to disrupt images, to break them up and reconstruct. Lineage uses this method of creating; to study the strange and lumpy collective body of immigrants pushing itself over mountains, clashing and bleeding, spreading out and birthing itself in a state of precarious embodiment.

The inky, moody nature of early photography serves a collective sense of “history” and yet completely evades us as an experience we can physically relate to.  Like a sealed vault,  the images are irrefutable but inaccessible.  These paintings explore the inaccessibility of this content and strive to re-invigorate this content with reconstructed narratives.